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Branson, Missouri Area
September 26-30, 2010
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Ahoy Mates:

The first order has to do with the note on the front of the envelope. My “hard-drive crashed” and for those that don’t understand the phrase it means that everything that was stored in the computer is gone and I have nothing – no files – no lists – no data – no photographs - nothing. And no I did not have everything backed up and for 15 years it was not a problem to anyone but me. I backed up data once a year – around tax time – so – yes - I have one year old data. What I do not have are the names of those that have asked to be removed from the mailing list (that I received since the last mailing) and the names of shipmates that I was advised are no longer with us – names that I have received via mail or e-mail. So I ask your forgiveness for this loss of information and I ask that you update me one final time – and yes I will remove you from the mailing list, if that is your wish and I will added the departed shipmates and your loved ones to our list.

As a result of the foregoing carelessness I have little to report. However, I must make special mention and thank two shipmates from the DDG-1 era for sharing their photos that they transferred from slides to a disc and they are now on photographic paper and in our albums. David Bernard (1956-1958) and Tom Short (1959-1962) – thank you. Also sharing photos - reunion photos, that is – Mike DeMeo, Jim Mesnar and John Onder – thank you.

I received a phone call recently advising me that Charlie Fischer, a corpsman, who served a number of us in 1953 and 1954 has been placed under Hospice Care – keep him in you prayers.

So – what we have for news is information on the forthcoming 15 th Reunion – hosted by Keith and Dottie Kellum at Branson, Missouri in the heart of the Ozarks from Sunday the 26 th of September through Thursday the 30 th of September 2010. Information relating to the reunion is attached and this information can also be found on our website – Direct access to signing up for this reunion, including hotel reservations, can be found at Branson is a pleasant place with so much to do and see.

Now on to 2011 – the 16th Reunion – hosted by our president, Tom Fuller, is to be in Duluth, Minnesota and for those that have not been there it and the surrounding area is truly worth seeing. Duluth is on the western edge of Lake Superior, one of the deepest bodies of water in the world and is on the southern edge of one of the largest iron ore ranges in the world. Tom is working diligently trying to put a program that will be special to all and we look forward to his presentation in the fall.

It is donation time again, something that ten to twelve-percent do on a regular basis without having gone to a reunion. The contributors, over the years have allowed the printing and distribution of mail to all hands on the mailing list (600 +/-) and generally receive a roster for their generosity. Those desiring a roster – outside of making a donation – can have one for five ($5.00) dollars, which covers the printing and mailing costs. The roster identifies those on our active mailing list, about 600; those located and moved without a forwarding address or those who do not want mail, about 300; and those no longer with us 400 plus.

This year (in order to reduce printing and mailing costs) we are going to try e-mailing our letters and reunion data so we are making a part of this letter - a form. The form will be asking if you prefer an e-mail or a letter and asking for an update of your information.

Finally, if you wish to get rid of any old photos we are your dispensing place.

One more thing – your secretary is going to be out of pocket for a while – getting some body work – rods, screws, wedges and some fusing of parts; so please contact Tom Fuller (715-225-0459) or Chuck Thomason (303-400-0462) if you have questions.

Fair winds ~

F. A. Barata (1950-54), Secretary



Information and donation card.

Reservation Sheet.


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