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Harrisburg, PA Area
September 21-23, 2009
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Greetings Shipmate:

It is Monday, the 11th day of May 2009, and the day is somewhat overcast, like the national and world situation. However, sunshine prevails with the association, as Jim Mesnar stepped up and with the aid of Bill Myers (who held Reunion Three in the same area) and another shipmate put together a program for Reunion 14.

The information for the reunion is as attached – but first - lest we forget we have lost one of our prime-movers when it came to locating shipmates who served aboard the GYATT during its lifetime – Danny Hutchison – who personally located in excess of 150 shipmates with phone calls and e-mails left us only a few days before Easter. Danny served aboard the GYATT when it was the “One” and traveled twice to Europe when the GYATT went on display as the “First of the Missile Destroyers”. Danny will be missed by those who knew him and our prayers are with him.

The program put together is a good one with something for shipmates and for their guests. Our host selected a gift for each attendee that will be cherished by shipmates and guests and will be something that one would wish to pass to a loved one. Our base of operations, the Holiday Inn, is not difficult to locate – it is off of Exit 42 on Pennsylvania Interstate 35 and can be seen from the Interstate. For those interested in breaking bread with shipmates outside the confines of the Holiday Inn restaurant (which is quite good) there are some excellent restaurants both north and south of our base of operations (a list will be in your registration package).

Not including this mailing – we have spent a considerable amount of monies on mailing and printing. This included over 240 rosters for those that have made their donations (2007 & 2008) and an update on the past reunion, the forthcoming reunion and a few things have been passed on to us. Since our last reunion we have added 15 shipmates to our roster (some living – some deceased) and – believe it or not - our deceased list has grown by 15. Our mailing list has dropped to under 600 shipmates and our shipmates; whose addresses we have once had is at this writing at 281. Total shipmates located since our first reunion has reached 1284. For those interested we send our mailing, first class, which calls for a return to sender if the mail is not able to be delivered – thus allowing us to know who is still available to receive mail. A note on this, if time is taken to search the internet in the general location of the returned mail original address the shipmate can usually be located (we were successful on 17 of 21 such returns).

I know that I am rambling – but interruptions disrupt my concentration – so – that’s the way it is.

The next subject is the ship’s store – we do not have one – but we are receiving e-mails from those groups that claim they can meet your needs. We have no other information – such as quality and reliability – but here are those we have:


the DD-712: http//

the DDG-1: http//


and then there is: Bow Wake @ 1-877-432-4826


Before I forget - the itinerary from your principal host – Jim Mesnar – is attached (saves typing by a 2-fingered secretary impersonator). An approximate starting time for boarding the busses will be between 8:30 AM and 9:00 AM Monday and Tuesday. More specific times will be noted on the posted schedule and will be included in your registration packet.



Fair Seas -

F. A. Barata (1950-54)



Information and donation card.

Reservation Sheet.


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