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2015 marks the 113th anniversary of the destroyer in the United States Navy. The first U.S. destroyer, USS Bainbridge (DD1) was commissioned on November 24, 1902. The Bainbridge was 250 feet in length, displaced 420 tons, had a top speed of 29 knots, and a crew of 75.

From the Bainbridge-class destroyers which led the U.S. Navy into the 20th century to the Arleigh Burke-class destroyers which lead the U.S. Navy into the 21st Century, destroyers have a proud tradition of service as the workhorses of the United States Navy.

This site tells the story of the destroyer USS Gyatt, a Gearing-class destroyer commissioned in 1945. The Gyatt entered service during the Cold War equipped to eavesdrop on others. The Gyatt became the first of the missile destroyers and performed so well that its hull number was changed from DD-712 to DDG-1, honoring it as the first of its kind. When the missiles were removed in 1962, the original hull number, DD-712, was reinstated. The Gyatt, as it should be for fighting ships, was buried at sea, sunk as a target ship in 1970.

This site is dedicated to the men who served aboard the Gyatt from 1945 to 1969.

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