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The information which follows is a year-by-year recounting of life aboard the USS Gyatt. It is the result of more than twenty trips to the National Archives and the Navy Historical Foundation. It is also the result of stories, photographs and other memorobilia shared by shipmates, their wives and children. The information was compiled and written by F.A. Barata (1950-1954) and is taken from his book:

The History and Recollections of Destroyer Shipmates
USS Gyatt DD-712 & DDG-1
1945 to 1969

The book includes many photos not available on this site. There are a limited number of copies available. If you are interested in obtaining a copy of the book, please email

CONTENTS - Click on a chapter to view
1943 A Ship to be Named Gyatt 1945 The Gyatt Commissioned
1946 Shakedown Cruises 1947 Ambassadors to South America
1948 Starting a New Year in Europe 1949 Crossing the Arctic Circle
1950 Beginnings of the Korean Conflict 1951 Europe a Second Time
1952 Europe a Third Time 1953 The Coronation of Elizabeth II
1954 Europe a Fifth Time 1955 The End of the 712
1956 Changes & First Missile Destroyer 1957 A New Designation - DDG-1
1958 A Visit from the CNO 1959 A Change of Squadrons
1960 A Princess Comes Aboard 1961 Europe a Seventh & Final Time
1962 A Missile Destroyer - No More 1963 The 712 Returns
1964 A Change of Operations 1965 20 Years Old and a Mother's Visit
1966 The Records Come Home 1967 The Gasparilla Festival
1968 Scientists and Reservists 1969 A Final Decision
1970 Buried at Sea  
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