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 PORTS OF CALL 1950-1954 1955-1959 1960-1964 1965-1969
2-Jul New York, NY 25-Jul
28-Jul Guantanamo Bay 29-Aug Shakedown Cruise
31-Aug Culebra 1-Sep Caribbean Operation Area
3-Sep New York, NY 23-Oct Post Shakedown
24-Oct Baltimore, MD 30-Oct Navy Day Celebration
30-Oct Norfolk, VA 1-Nov with Gearing, Greene, S-20, CDS-68.
4-Nov Pensacola, FL 19-Nov with Gearing, Greene.
21-Nov Corpus Christi, TX 23-Nov Armed Forces Day
26-Nov Pensacola, FL  
  Pensacola, FL 1-Mar  
1-Mar Mobile, AL 6-Mar  
6-Mar Pensacola, FL 18-Mar Naval Air Station
21-Mar Norfolk, VA 25-Mar Naval Operating Base
26-Mar Casco Bay 2-Apr  
2-Apr Boston, MA 15-Apr  
30-Apr Norfolk, VA 19-Apr Report 8th Fleet - Virginia Capes Operation Area
23-Apr Norfolk, VA 23-Apr  
30-Apr Trinidad 4-May Caribbean Operation Area
9-May Guantanamo Bay 12-May Caribbean Operation Area
18-May Culebra 20-May Caribbean Operation Area
27-May New York, NY 7-Jun with Midway & DD-862
9-Jun Gravesend Bay 21-Jun  
23-Jun Quantico, VA 1-Jul Marine Corps School - Gunfire Instruction
21-Jul Norfolk, VA 25-Jul  
26-Jul Newport, RI 19-Aug 3 weeks w/ USS Yellowstone
20-Aug Quantico, VA 3-Sep Virginia Capes Operation Area
3-Sep Norfolk, VA 9-Sep  
9-Sep Baltimore, MD 13-Sep Participate w/ Mayor Anniversary @ Fort McHenry
13-Sep Buoy CB 30-Sep with Randolph
30-Sep Norfolk, VA 24-Oct  
25-Oct Newark, NJ 29-Oct Navy Day Visit
30-Oct Boston, MA   Boston Naval Shipyard
  Boston, MA 13-Jan Boston Naval Shipyard
14-Jan Norfolk, VA 24-Jan  
27-Jan Guantanamo Bay ----- Caribbean Operation Area - Refresher Training
----- Guantanamo Bay 13-Feb Caribbean Operation Area w/ cruiser USS Fresno
----- Trinidad 15-Feb Caribbean Operation Area
----- Cross the Equator 20-Feb South Atlantic Ocean
27-Feb Montevideo 6-Mar Urguainan Presidential Inauguration
10-Mar Rio De Janeiro 14-Mar South Atlantic Ocean
22-Mar Trinidad 26-Mar Caribbean Operation Area
31-Mar Norfolk, VA 29-Apr  
1-May Boston, MA 2-Jun Newport Operation Area
4-Jun Norfolk, VA 21-Jul Newport Operation Area
22-Jul Newport, RI 8-Aug  
9-Aug Norfolk, VA 2-Sep Virginia Capes Operation Area
8-Sep Norfolk, VA 12-Sep Virginia Capes Operation Area
12-Sep New York, NY 15-Sep NY Naval Shipyard
19-Sep Norfolk, VA 22-Sep Virginia Capes Operation Area
27-Sep Norfolk, VA 3-Oct In port until 3-Oct. alongside USS Grand Canyon
----- Norfolk, VA 23-Oct Remain in port til 20-Oct. then conduct exercises
24-Oct Wilmington, NC 28-Oct Navy Day ~ Atlantic Crossing
11-Nov Gibraltar 20-Nov Mediterranean Operations
26-Nov Bone, Algeria 29-Nov Mediterranean Operations
1-Dec Marsaxlokk, Malta 8-Dec Mediterranean Operations
9-Dec Naples, Italy 9-Dec Mediterranean Ops with carrier USS Midway
10-Dec Genoa, Italy 17-Dec Mediterranean Operations
18-Dec Naples, Italy 19-Dec Mediterranean Ops with carrier USS Midway
20-Dec Piraeus, Greece 29-Dec Mediterranean Operations
30-Dec Salonika, Greece   Mediterranean Operations
  Salonika, Greece 3-Jan Mediterranean Operations
3-Jan Leros, Greece 5-Jan Mediterranean Operations
17-Jan Naples, Italy 24-Jan Mediterranean Ops with cruiser USS Little Rock
26-Jan Taranto, Italy 17-Feb Mediterranean Operations
27-Feb Gibraltar 2-Mar Mediterranean Operations
10-Apr Bermuda 14-Apr Atlantic Crossing
16-Apr Norfolk, VA 3-May  
5-May Guantanamo Bay 7-May Caribbean Oper. Area with cruiser USS Spokane
8-May Kingston, Jamaica 11-May Caribbean Op Area w/ USS Kearsarge, USS Perry
14-May Norfolk, VA 17-May  
18-May Newport, RI 20-May Newport Operation Area
21-May Norfolk, VA 24-May with DesDiv 41
24-May Lynnhaven Roads 1-Jun Recruise with DesDiv 41
4-Jun Guantanamo Bay 4-Jun Caribbean Operation Area
5-Jun San Juan, Puerto Rico 8-Jun Caribbean Operation Area
11-Jun Norfolk, VA 15-Jun  
15-Jun Bloodworth Island 18-Jun  
19-Jun Norfolk, VA 28-Jun  
29-Jun Boston-NSY 15-Sep  
17-Sep Norfolk, VA 20-Sep  
24-Sep Norfolk, VA 30-Sep Caribbean Operation Area - Refresher Training
3-Oct Guantanamo Bay 4-Oct Caribbean Operation Area - Refresher Training
5-Oct Guantanamo Bay 30-Oct Caribbean Operation Area - Refresher Training
1-Nov Culebra 2-Nov Caribbean Operation Area - Refresher Training
4-Nov Guantanamo Bay 5-Nov Caribbean Operation Area - Refresher Training
5-Nov Port-au-Prince, Haiti 7-Nov Caribbean Operation Area - Refresher Training
8-Nov Guantanamo Bay 19-Nov Caribbean Operation Area - Refresher Training
23-Nov Norfolk, VA    
  Norfolk, VA 4-Jan Atlantic Crossing
13-Jan Plymouth, England 21-Jan Northern European Operations
22-Jan Cherbourg, France 28-Jan Northern European Operations
4-Feb Casablanca 4-Feb Refuel for Plane Search (28 Jan. to 10 Feb.)
10-Feb Plymouth, England 15-Feb Northern European Operations ~ ASW
16-Feb St. Nazaire, France 23-Feb Northern European Operations
25-Feb Leixoes, Portugal 3-Mar Northern European Operations ~ Port of Oporto
5-Mar Plymouth, England 8-Mar Northern European Operations
9-Mar Rotterdam, Holland 14-Mar Northern European Operations
15-Mar Bremerhaven, Germany 18-Mar Northern European Operations
21-Mar Molville, Ireland ----- Northern European Operations
----- Londonderry, Ireland 28-Mar Northern European Operations
29-Mar Plymouth, England 6-Apr Northern European Operations
6-Apr Portland OpArea 14-Apr Northern European Operations
14-Apr Plymouth, England 19-Apr Northern European Operations
21-Apr Leith, Scotland ----- Northern European Operations
----- Rosyth, Scotland 30-Apr Northern European Operations
2-May Copenhagen, Denmark 14-May Atlantic Crossing
23-May Norfolk, VA 27-Jun Detached with cruiser USS Spokane
28-Jun Narragansett Bay 1-Jul  
2-Jul Bath, Maine 5-Jul  
9-Jul Norfolk, VA 18-Jul Virginia Capes Operation Area
23-Jul Norfolk, VA 25-Jul  
25-Jul Lynnhaven Roads 6-Aug  
7-Aug Picto, Nova Scotia 10-Aug  
13-Aug Norfolk, VA 29-Aug Virginia Capes Operation Area
3-Sep New York, NY 6-Sep Newport - Virginia Capes Operation Area
10-Sep Norfolk, VA 12-Sep Newport - Virginia Capes Operation Area
13-Sep Narragansett Bay 14-Sep Newport - Virginia Capes Operation Area
14-Sep Newport, RI 15-Sep Newport - Virginia Capes Operation Area
17-Sep Norfolk, VA 26-Sep Newport - Virginia Capes Operation Area
1-Oct New York 3-Oct Newport - Virginia Capes Op Area - TF Exercises
8-Oct Norfolk, VA 10-Oct Newport - Virginia Capes Operation Area
11-Oct Narragansett Bay 14-Oct Op Area per Movement Record Card from 8 Oct. -
15-Oct Norfolk OpArea ----- 12 Dec. Ship actually on 54-day operation to and
22-Nov Norfolk OpArea ----- beyond Arctic Circle Area. Operation Frostbite.
12-Dec Norfolk, VA 3-JAN-50  
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